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Crosby's Version of Doug Hylan's "Ben Garvey"

Ned Crosby talking about his choice of a Crosby's version of Doug Hylan's "Ben Garvey" skiff:

"I've always thought it would be a great idea to build a Crosby version of the "Garvey Skiff". The hull has an excellent reputation. WoodenBoat Magazine's publication "Forty Wooden Boats" describes the skiff as "…fine for recreational fishing or getting around the lake on summer vacation, or ferrying out to that island camp."

The V-bottom separates it from the stable quahog skiffs, which I've also considered building but never liked the flat bottom. Choosing the larger 19' Crosby version of the Ben Garvey hull, I've adapted the interior arrangements to fit my personal needs.

My situation involves boating with 3 daughters under the age of 4, whose favorite activity is to go to Sampson's Island for a day at the beach We also love to simply "go boating" with other friends and their children, primarily in the protected waters of the Three Bays area of Osterville and Cotuit."

Ned's modifications to the the design as seen in WoodenBoat Magazine and his reasons behind them:

Tiller Steering as I wanted more space in the middle of the boat for the children.

The addition of "run-decks" to keep the girls from being able to lean over the side of the boat. The "flare" of the topsides is significant and without the "run-decks", my fear is that the children would have much more of a chance to fall overboard. Also, the "run-decks" serve as "social seating" for the adults on board.

The addition of a 4' forward deck, which allows for my "landing craft"-style bow section. I've historically found it difficult to land at the beach and exit the boat easily with all the children, dog and beach paraphernalia. This "gang plank" idea allows for easy loading and off-loading, while not sacrificing any part of the hull's integrity.

E.M. Crosby Boatworks will "build to suit" either the 16' or 19' Crosby version of the Garvey hulls. It will be the customer's preference as to the interior set-up (console vs. tiller, run-deck vs. no run-decks, "landing craft" bow or standard, size of motor, etc.) Pricing will vary depending on buyer's interior arrangement.